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Microneedling and its Versatile Effects

When we're talking about beauty, skin isn't the only factor that you're going to take into consideration. The hair is part of it too. However, the amount of innovation and technologies that were developed to help the skin and hair greatly differs from each other. Years of work have resulted in tens or even hundreds of various techniques, methods, products and more to provide a more youthful appearance for the skin but unfortunately, there is only a few products that can help one during a hair loss crisis with one being a bit better in terms of popularity than its competition - Rogaine.


With the lack of possible solution to hair loss, it is easy to conclude just how this may have been for those who are suffering to them now. Fortunately, a study was recently conducted; complete with test and everything, in order to find out whether the revered and outstanding facial rejuvenation method known as Microneedling, would be able to help boost hair growth. The results are outstanding and there's no doubt that you'll be running to get a microneedle treatment for your hair too.


A Prestigious institute that conducts study on hair and the science behind it had operated a study to test whether a microneedling treatment can do the same growth boost it does for the skin. The test went by getting two teams of Rogaine user: one which followed Rogaine usage procedure only; and one that topped it up with the Microneedling treatment. After days and weeks, the results ended up tallying that the group which used Microneedling treatment with Rogaine gained more hair than the former.

This isn't just any substantial difference or negligible result as the two differs about 4x from each other, with the Rogaine and Microneedling treatment at the lead, obviously. This 4 times estimation is done not just on a whim but, in an intricate checking of the results from the groups and individuals who have undergone the test, click here to get started!


The institute inspected the number of hairs that can be found in a square centimeter space of the scalp and the Rogaine alone only induced 22 hair growth with the Microneedle and Rogaine pair introducing a growth of about 91 hairs. This test result is after a 3-month period and there's no doubt that if it had continued, the users would have experienced more hair growth hypothetically. Conclusion of the scientists regarding the test is that the capability of Microneedle to induce growth on the epidermis of the skin also induces growth on the scalp that allows it to better push hair growth at its maximum rate while also making sure that it comes with a sturdy grip in the newly reformed scalp, click here to get started